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We have worked with Margie for many years on many different projects. Her ability to quickly and easily grasp domain-related concepts and communicate them in a clear and concise manner makes her a valuable extension of our team.

Erica Mitchell
Marketing Programs Manager
Workscape, Inc.


“Margie rocks. I call her up, throw a project at her, and it’s like she can read my mind. She jumps right on, understands what I’m looking for, and gets the job done fast and, more importantly, right the first time.”

Mark Geremia
Sr. Manager, Marketing, Dragon Business Unit
Nuance Communications, Inc.

“A quality case study is a powerful sales and marketing tool and Margie has developed several of these for Gomez over the past year. It took Margie no time at all to get up to speed on Gomez’s business and messaging and she was easily able to translate this knowledge into insightful questions from which to interview customers and draft case studies.  Margie could be trusted to take the lead on customer contact and see a project through from start to end, within budget and timelines.  Her writing style is clear, animated and articulate.  We’ve certainly enjoyed working with Margie and would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality marketing writer.”

Samantha McGarry
Public Relations Manager
Gomez, Inc.

“Margie’s enormous talent and experience come through in the quality of her work, and her professionalism.  I can always count on her to deliver her projects on schedule and within budget. But what is most impressive about Margie is her unique ability to clearly and very quickly understand the value proposition, the audience’s mindset, the desired tone for the piece and the call to action.   With her intuitive grasp of the message and the audience, and her skill for synching seamlessly with the graphic design elements of the project, her initial drafts precisely capture my requirements and turn into final copy with only minor edits.”

Paula Crerar
Vice President, Marketing
nTAG Interactive, Inc.

“Whether preparing a case study, whitepaper or presentation notes, Margie consistently delivers high-quality written work that demonstrates a strong understanding of our technology, products and business strategy. Even when given little background on a subject, Margie can translate technical details into easy-to-read documents that require only minor edits. Attending to every project detail from start to finish (including initial research, interviews with customers or executives, and follow-up questions), Margie is always thoroughly prepared and professional. She is also one of the most dedicated and reliable resources I’ve ever worked with: her budget estimates are always on target, and she has never missed a deadline. Margie is the first person I turn to when we need to outsource written work, and I would strongly recommend her to other organizations.”

Kristen Wylie
Product Marketing Manager, Dragon Business Unit
Nuance Communications, Inc.

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